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a serialized program usually dealing with sentimentalized family matters that is broadcast on radio or television (frequently sponsored by a company advertising soap products)

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Drawing sophisticated parallels between reality and fiction, Margreiter examines the way daily life reflects the influence of Hollywood, especially the television industry with its soap-opera and sitcom formats, particularly in two biographical works.
That's why I loved watching the Olympics--not for the soap-opera coverage, but for the sheer joy of seeing those wonderful, powerful women in action.
What one doesn't expect from ESPN is a sentimental melodrama, high- testosterone soap-opera.
In a nutshell: Ridiculously attractive Italians have ridiculously overwrought - but nonetheless insightful - romantic problems in this multicharacter soap-opera import.
Soap operas: NBC never had a significant foothold on the soap-opera market; the still-popular ``Days of Our Lives,'' which debuted in 1965, is the network's only serial to go the distance.
Heintz-Knowles spoke Saturday at Soap Summit II, a meeting to help soap-opera writers and producers become more attuned to important public health issues.