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Synonyms for soapbox

a crate for packing soap

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a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

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Instead, he was back on his soap-box, banging on about just how bad Paraguay are:
CRYPTIC ACROSS: 1 Resort' 4 Simmer' 9 Soap-box orator' 10 Entitle' 11 Admit' 12 Knots' 14 Usurp' 18 Upper' 19 Satchel' 21 Fishing season' 22 Ensign' 23 Chaste.
Future episodes look at such diverse subjects as Johnnie Cochran, John DeLorean, a soap-box derby scandal and Tonya Harding.
Milosevic had been defending himself and used the court in The Hague as a political soap-box to justify the ethnic cleansing war which ravaged Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.
I can only suggest Mr Pugh tries to support the railways and train operating companies and gets off his soap-box.
Darren Cooke, aged 26, Richard Franklin, aged 23, Mark Walton, aged 23, Joonkian Chua, aged 36, and Luke Harmer, aged 24, saw their soap-box speed down the one mile downhill course under the capable hands of former Formula One driver Perry McCarthy.
On his first day campaigning, the soap-box supremo managed to break the LAW.
In White Lies, White Power: The Fight Against White Supremacy and Reactionary Violence, author Michael Novick is the popular soap-box orator, boldly gesticulating on the street corner while a boisterous crowd gets energized by the detailed condemnations of various villains.