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Synonyms for snowflake

a crystal of snow

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The world's largest snowflake was reported to be 15 inches across and 8 inches thick.
This giant snowflake was found at Fort Keogh, Montana on January 28, 1887.
However, this doesn't mean that your snowflakes should all look the same.
Impressed by the Santa Claus train, toy soldiers, giant snowflakes and candy canes lining her driveway, neighbors stand in awe for a half-hour at a time, snapping photos and admiring her hard work.
Libbrecht's text is an interesting introduction to complex structures in general and into the mysteries of how snowflakes are made.
We all love to look at the delicate snowflakes as they float down, so why not make your own cotton bud snowflake?
WORCESTER - The holiday snowflakes lighting the downtown streets have now spread to Shrewsbury Street.
Flurries of questions about triangle-shaped snowflakes may soon subside, thanks to new research.
Snowflake Lane's nightly drum and light show features The Bellevue Collection's magnificent drummers and majorettes, accompanied by a kaleidoscope of illuminating color combined with twirling snowflakes and snow projected from the buildings all set to holiday music.
Snowflakes are ice crystals that form in clouds when the air temperature up there gets below freezing.
It's called Fancy Winter Spirit and has a textured white leather strap and stainless steel snowflakes decorated with crystals for pounds 32.
Postal Service will release a set of four commemorative stamps in October featuring Caltech professor Kenneth Libbrecht's photos of snowflakes.
And so begins The Snowflake Sisters, a roller coaster ride through a season in the life of two snowflakes.
To mark the winter season, 50 larger-than-life snowflakes lit by LEDs will appear on the landmark Saks Fifth Avenue facade.