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Synonyms for Antirrhinum

a genus of herbs of the family Scrophulariaceae with brightly colored irregular flowers

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The decor of Luckett Lodge chapel included a large floral arrangement in the center holding yellow lilies, white hydrangeas, confetti roses, lime green hypericum berries, coral Gerber daisies, pink snap dragons, and curly willow branches.
When planted the tag yields snap dragons, clarkias, bird's eye, and other elegant wild flowers.
Mavis got to work with her gardening skills and filled pots with colourful annuals like pansies, snap dragons, lobelia and lots more.
The Tagetes and Antirrhinums are also looking good although the snap dragons needed to be dead headed and so need another week for side shoots to start flowering.
Geraniums, marigolds, African marigolds, dahlias, snap dragons, fuchsias and the beautifully formed trumpets of the petunias make wonderful cameos on an endless canvas of relaxing greens.
For most of the Valley floor, any flower that produces seeds will do, but the majority of birds prefer sunflowers, cosmos, snap dragons, California poppies, yarrow and bushes with berries, she says.
Snap dragons (antirrhinums) will be ready to plant out in May for July flowering.
Sweetfields offers Violas, Pansies, Snap Dragons, Mini Roses, and Rose Petals with the following innovative, patent-pending finishes: SweetCrystal, SweetGlaze, or SweetDust.
Plantlife Cymru said the meadow clary, that grows to over one metre high, with flowers resembling pretty snap dragons, has now disappeared from its last knownWelsh site in Monmouthshire.