Snake River

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a tributary of the Columbia River that rises in Wyoming and flows westward

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Water quality in and below the Snake River reservoirs remains exceedingly poor, particularly for temperature and dissolved nitrogen, both of which directly affect salmon survival.
District Court Judge Michael Simon's order that federal, state and tribal fisheries experts work together to improve conditions in the Columbia and Snake rivers for juvenile salmon, the five members of Congress collectively stomp on it with this bill.
Executive Chairman Richard Adrey commented: "Our drilling program continues to progress successfully at Snake River, with the Cletus #20-10 and Blubaugh #21-1 wells reporting encouraging oil and gas shows in multiple formations.
Key to the success or failure of the British mission were the expeditions sent into the Snake River country to trap.
45) If so, Hawley's vivid and provocative account will help keep the promise of a restored, free-flowing Snake River alive, a significant contribution to wild salmon and those who care about them.
There can be no denying that this agreement, reached without public involvement, and announced through a news release after the fact, amounts to a material change to that agreement," said Snake River Alliance Executive Director Liz Woodruff.
All of the case study's tagged fish were released downstream of Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River in April and May 2008.
Immortalised in Washington's Smithsonian Institution as "America's Legendary Daredevil", Knievel was best known for a failed 1974 attempt to jump Snake River Canyon on a rocket-powered cycle, and a spectacular crash at Caesar's Palace, in Las Vegas.
A pottery cup and a small carved figurine were among the artifacts found at the Snake River sand pit.
Idaho's Snake River Valley has been designated as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) by the U.
based Balducci's has bowed a gourmet Kobe-style deli meat line as a result of a unique partnership with Boise, Idaho-based Snake River Farms.
About 550 pounds of Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef (American Kobe) will also be prepared.
In this romantic historical tale set in 1893 Oregon, Laila Mitchell comes West in search of her grandparents, and befriends a woman who's headed to a housekeeping position on a ranch in the remote Snake River Canyon.
The pilot later reported that he decided to descend from cruising flight at 8500 feet msl to about 100 feet agl to follow the Snake River.
The journal provides a window into one of the last large fur-trading expeditions of Hudson's Bay Company's Snake River Brigade.