Fritillaria meleagris

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Eurasian checkered lily with pendant flowers usually veined and checkered with purple or maroon on a pale ground and shaped like the bells carried by lepers in medieval times

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The 30cm-high snake's head fritillaries are perfect for the shade of borders and shrubberies or in less structured planting in grass or wooded areas.
When Catania began examining the movements of the snake and its prey in slow motion, he saw something peculiar-when the fish that the snake targets turn to flee, most of them turn toward the snake's head and many literally swim into its jaws
When his supervisor came with a policeman, Nyaumbe smothered the snake's head with his shirt, while the rescuers tied it with a rope and pulled.
He planned to cut off the snake's head, but Rossiter begged him not to.
SEB SANDERS is now five clear in the jockeys' championship after notching a double on Collection and Snake's Head at Newcastle.
Seb Sanders returned with a vengeance from a two-day suspension to stretch to five winners his lead over Jamie Spencer - absent yesterday - courtesy of a short-priced double aboard Collection and Snake's Head.
The snake's head was pinned to the stage floor between two prongs affixed to the end of a stick.
Entered from the south, the snake encloses an exhibition gallery showing natural and artificial worlds, a reception hall, administration, a lecture theatre and, as the snake's head twists round from east to west, a posh cafeteria called 'the culinary arts experience'.
The snake's head emerged and Calhoun quickly closed the box and contacted authorities.
At the outer end of the spiral, draw a snake's head.
I demonstrated how to create the snake's head by using basic shapes and rounding the edges.
I looked for the snake's head, placed my front sight on it and pressed the trigger.
Even a cut-off snake's head can make reflexive biting motions up to an hour after death.
A child with outstretched arms stands at the top of the picture, on the snake's head, between two spheres that hold letters of an imagined alphabet.
When a mongoose attacks a snake, it strikes at the snake's head and cracks its skull with one powerful bite.