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marked by or emitting or filled with smoke


tasting of smoke

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Esko joins Smokey Bones from Sun Capital Partners, Inc.
Smokey is set to be the cream of a Midland animal show, outshining the other contestants by more than a whisker.
Smokey believes he has little to worry about as he takes on Twani on 29 March at the Windhoek Country Club.
Smokey, believed to be about two years old, was not discovered by staff until nine hours later with the words "my name is Smokey" scrawled on his box.
While most cats purr at around 25 decibels, Smokey has been recorded at an average of 80 decibels.
Running short of inspiration, he wanted to see what Smokey Robinson could come up with.
A longtime symbol of forest conservation and protection, Smokey's trademark message has helped reduce the annual number of acres lost to forest fires from 22 million in 1944 (the year Smokey was "born") to roughly 6.
Edwards said he was "over the moon" to have Smokey back after a "heartbreaking" weekend.
Two black kittens still need homes, along with Smokey herself, who is staying with an RSPCA foster family while a new home can be found for her.
But Newmarket trainer Tompkins may now step Smokey Oakey up in trip and return to Yorkshire for the John Smith's Cup at York on July 12.
Smokey however is also a businessman, this show demonstrating no restraint in the tacky cliches one might associate with an American performance at this level.
There are few artists in the world who define a genre as much as Smokey Robinson does for soul.
based Smokey Robinson Foods has added new Soul in a Bowl frozen entrees, 10-ounce meals that come in colorful packaging emblazoned with the image of Grammy Award-winning singer Smokey Robinson.
But US superstar Smokey Robinson yesterday claimed it's a miracle his phenomenal 50-year music career ever got off the ground.
Trying to get that message out, the Los Angeles City Fire Department threw Smokey a 60th birthday party Saturday at its fire museum in Hollywood.