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Synonyms for smoggy

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Words related to smoggy

clouded with a mixture of smoke and fog

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Godzilla webrings will let you find fanatic debates about such deeply crucial subjects as Big G's all- time win/draw/lose stats (25/5/7, if you must know) and how to get video clips of such esoteria as Godzilla versus The Smog Monster.
Hell, I can't even watch trashy TV properly; we rented Godzilla Meets the Smog Monster the other night, and I found myself wondering if I could use the metaphor in a story on multinationals and the environment.
Four years ago, in a fitting irony, Reichelt was given the task of recycling the smog monster he created.
It was a fair cop - after all, we once called Middlesbrough-born Plunkett a smog monster, a grave civic insult on Teesside.
Entrepreneur Steve Form, 43, created the character and said it has proved to be a big hit with the Boro faithful, who have lapped up the ironic merchandise, sparked by the smog monster tag attached to Teessiders.
On Saturday, he returns to the Riverside as Championship frontrunners Derby meet the smog monsters in a top-of-the-table duel three days before they face Chelsea in the Capital One Cup quarter-finals.