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Synonyms for smoggy

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Words related to smoggy

clouded with a mixture of smoke and fog

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Godzilla webrings will let you find fanatic debates about such deeply crucial subjects as Big G's all- time win/draw/lose stats (25/5/7, if you must know) and how to get video clips of such esoteria as Godzilla versus The Smog Monster.
Hell, I can't even watch trashy TV properly; we rented Godzilla Meets the Smog Monster the other night, and I found myself wondering if I could use the metaphor in a story on multinationals and the environment.
Four years ago, in a fitting irony, Reichelt was given the task of recycling the smog monster he created.
The Smog Monster (1971, Japanese dubbed in English) -- Godzilla battles a monster that bloats itself on factory and automobile wastes, then turns it into a sulfuric exhaust that disintegrates everything it touches.
It was a fair cop - after all, we once called Middlesbrough-born Plunkett a smog monster, a grave civic insult on Teesside.
Entrepreneur Steve Form, 43, created the character and said it has proved to be a big hit with the Boro faithful, who have lapped up the ironic merchandise, sparked by the smog monster tag attached to Teessiders.