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fragile twining plant of South Africa with bright green flattened stems and glossy foliage popular as a floral decoration

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The church balconies were adorned with grapevine and smilax accented with floral arrangements.
The cake was displayed on an antique silver plateau adorned with miniature French smilax and a table covered in gold damask overlaid with a handmade French cutwork topper accented with seed pearls.
10) Syrinx nimpha Ponos; Ero Leandri; Phyllis, filia Lycurgi regis Thracum Demophontis; Iphis, Patrocli; Smilax, Croci; Glicera, Pausiae Sicyonis pictoris; Campsape Alexandri, quam Alexander ipse muneri dedit Apelli pictori.
Green vegetables such as Macaranga barteri, Ludwigia octovalis, Lycopodium cernuum, Vigna gracilis, Persicaria decipiens, Alternanthera sessilis, and Clausena anisata and artisanal materials as Calamus deerratus, Smilax anceps were recorded only in the lowest pressure stand.
Smilax was also turned into a flower, one that we call bindweed.
The most common shrub species among the study sites were Smilax rotundifolia (10 sites, mean [IV.
Fruits of smilax accounted for 68% of scat volume in spring; blackberries and blueberries 83% in summer; saw palmetto and blueberries 40% in early fall, with persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) accounting for another 30%; and saw palmetto 64% in late fall.
Similar results have been obtained for Smilax campestris, in which phenolic compounds present in the leaves and rhizomes showed well-defined production rates according to the growth stage, with maximum production during the month of July, which corresponds to flowering (RUGNA et al.
Bigfoot" Bjornsen; Owen Wilson (Coy Harlingen), Reese Witherspoon (Penny Kimball) and Benicio del Toro (Sauncho Smilax, Esq).
Behind it all is an "Indo-Chinese" drug cartel, a stand-in for the Vietnam War and ultimately a front for whatever cosmic antiplan you like--Doc Sportello being a sort of acidhead Don Quixote complete with intermittent sidekick, maritime lawyer Sauncho Smilax (Benicio Del Toro).
Estudios taxonomicos sobre el genero Smilax (Smilacaceae) I.
The roots and rhizomes of Smilax riparia (SR), called "Niu-Wei-Cai" in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), are believed to be effective in treating gout symptoms.
x Siurn suave Walter x x x Smilax glauca Walter x Smilax rotundifolia L.
Is a smilax a shrub, a poem, or a medical condition?