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1 FOR YOUR SECRET SANTA A SWEET set that will last until the decorations come down, Made With Love 12 Days of Pampering, PS10, contains a dozen juicy red plum and cranberry-scented smellies, but still fits your PS10-or-less Secret Santa budget.
But if any grateful bookmakers should wish to acknowledge this column's campaigning role in saving their entire industry from ruin - well we've never said no to a basket of smellies or an envelope of nice, fresh money.
Also called guppies, chovies, flippers, penguin food, smellies.
THE SERVICE Extra biscuits, towels and smellies within a minute of getting to the room - once again dished up by a lovely, friendly Geordie.
MORE than 100 bottles of perfume and aftershave were donated for animal enrichment following our online plea for unwanted smellies.
Hopefully some brightly-wrapped smellies will lift their spirits at the time of year when consumerism is being forced in their faces.
Her home-help carers came to see her - even the ones who weren't working - and she's got I don't know how many cards, bouquets and smellies.
Badly fitting slippers, hideous jumpers, dodgy smelling smellies.
60 This bargain-buy beauty bag in a polka dot and floral Union Jack cover opens up to reveal a deep pocket for you to keep your smellies safe.
SHOEBOX SMELLIES A FORMER Gunner has rallied up her troops to help out her fellow colleagues in Afghanistan.
Throw on the nearest suit, admire the 'designer stubble' and slap on the smellies.
Until recently, if I wanted to buy ethical presents for family and friends, the choice was limited to a few smellies from the Body Shop, an oddly shaped African ornament and a 'Gift you give twice' card from Oxfam.
Take a break from the norm and ditch the usual smellies and that traditional gift set from the high street.