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potato that has been peeled and boiled and then mashed

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On Disney ships, the pirate fest follows a themed meal in the dining room of Caribbean specialties including crab cakes with fruit salsa, jerk chicken salad, spicy gumbo, beef tenderloin with sour-cream & chives smashed potatoes, and a meringue treasure chest brimming with flesh tropical fruit.
For our side dishes, we split Smashed Potatoes ($6), Pacific Rice ($6) and Asparagus Sauteed ($6).
VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): French fries, smashed potatoes, specially requested sauteed reggie sub, salad without cheese, multi-grain rolls
The green beans are dressed up with lemon zest, parsley and almonds for an easy-to-prepare side, while the smashed potatoes are a tasty, better-for-you option, with olive oil replacing traditional butter and cream.
My companion decided on panko-crusted salmon in a spicy honey mustard horseradish sauce, paired with shallot smashed potatoes and baby green beans ($19).
Guests dined on a menu created by Pretty Presentations Catering and enjoyed selections of fresh jumbo lump crab cakes, pimiento cheese fritters, shrimp remoulade cocktail martinis, smoked lemon pepper side of salmon, tenderloin of beef, parmesan smashed potatoes, fried catfish and jalapefio hush-puppy poppers, honey-baked ham and buttermilk biscuits, and fried mac and cheese croquettes.
Menu includes Crispy Okra Fries With Grape Raita; Tender Cabbage Slaw With Peanuts and Lime; Poached Fish With Spices and Coconut; Smashed Potatoes With Roasted Mustard Seeds and Lentils; Basmati Rice With Spicy Tomato Sauce; and Yogurt Cheesecake With Fresh Fruit.
He follows it up with some pork loin, sour cream smashed potatoes and balsamic cranberry sauce.
Caesar salad is $9, and an amazing cold salmon plate with smashed potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes and olive oil to kill for is $26.
The Short Ribs sat on a mound of Kim Chee Smashed Potatoes, which was surrounded by a rich deep brown sauce.
Try America's Outdoor Cooking Experts Bill and Cheryl Jamison's recipes for crispy smashed potatoes, grilled apples slices or grilled vegetable orzo, available at www.
Suggested menu: Easy Pork Roast, leafy greens, smashed potatoes with garlic, yeast roll.
Grilled Portabella Mushrooms Stuffed with Horseradish and Cracked Black Pepper Smashed Potatoes Haricot Verts with Toasted Almonds and Lemon Butter Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Caramelized Onions and Herbed Steak Butter
NOTES: Prepare the smashed potatoes as soon as the beef is tender; the meat can continue to cook until they're ready.
The 2006 Foodies Chardonnay has elegant fruit forward flavors with a crisp finish making it a perfect choice to pair with that legendary recipe for roast chicken and garlic smashed potatoes.