market capitalization

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an estimation of the value of a business that is obtained by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the current price of a share

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Panels A and B separate the data into large and small capitalization stocks.
Secondly, the fact that small capitalization stocks do not outperform big capitalizations stocks is due to the problem of liquidity.
Small capitalization stocks have several behavioral characteristics that distinguish them from medium and large capitalization stocks.
As a portfolio manager, she oversaw investments of $1+ billion of small capitalization stocks.
Over the past 5 years, investors in small capitalization stocks have outperformed the broader market, and small cap assets under management have grown from $86 billion in 2005 to $102 billion in 2007, according to Greenwich Associates.
Although not currently anticipated, the Trustees of the fund maintain the right to restrict new investments in the future in light of the fund's focus on small capitalization stocks.
Discovery Group is a institutional money manager with a focus on investing in undervalued small capitalization stocks.
The Russell 2000 is an index of small capitalization stocks, and the Russell Microcap is an index of the smallest 1000 members of the Russell 2000 and the next smallest 1000 stocks by market capitalization.