Small Business Administration

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an independent agency of the United States government that protects the interests of small businesses and ensures that they receive a fair share of government contracts


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Craig Cornwell, Billy Szeto, Jeff Theiler, and Sam Vichattu join as Vice Presidents reporting to Kirsten (Didi) Hakes, head of the Small Business Administration Lending group.
The Small Business Administration determined that Corio represented the best value to the government for this critical Federal Financials cross-servicing project," said Tom Dumaresq, chief financial officer at SBA.
Q: How did you become involved with the Small Business Administration (SBA)?
City One had the answers when it came to working with the Small Business Administration, getting through the City's tax abatement hierarchy and taking advantage of Con Edison's electric cost savings program.
Meanwhile, a memo from the secretary of agriculture said, "We share the concerns of the Small Business Administration regarding the potential impacts of these proposals on small businesses.
The Small Business Administration has announced that 103 SSBICs were in existence as of Oct.
There should be no costs involved since SBDC's are sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for technical assistance and counseling,
Small Business Administration and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Small Business Administration congratulates Workers' Credit Union's Dave Rodgers, center, Bob Gallo, left, and Brenda Ring, right.
30, 2005, the expiration date of a partnership agreement between DoD and the Small Business Administration.
The VEDC had identified the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys as areas that are underserved by the Small Business Administration, and they felt that the focus should be on women and minorities.
He is recognized by the Small Business Administration as an expert in small business development, and echoes Fox's sentiment.
Often, their monthly payments on this real estate-financed debt are lower than what they are paying each month to service their existing debt, according to Penn Ritter, executive vice president of Business Lenders, a non-bank Small Business Administration (SBA) lender.
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