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a metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine

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Torque in the Small Block engine returned to 300lb-ft in 1987 and took another ten per cent increase a few years later, with the 5.
The aluminum Small Block engine features a suite of technology for efficiency and performance, including Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), direct injection and continuously variable valve timing.
I LIVE in a small block of flats in Allerton and we have about six feral cats living in the back garden, all due to one neighbour who will not get her cat neutered, then just lets the new kittens run riot in the garden and doesn't bother to feed them.
We used to put a small block of wood on the ground and put a small stick across it pointing in the air one end and with a longer stick we would hit the stick pointing in the air and, as quick as possible, we would hit the stick crossways.
NAND flash is becoming one of the leading technologies for solid state storage applications because of its high-speed programming capability, high-speed erasing, small block size and low cost.
The row began over vandalism at around 11pm on Saturday next to a telephone kiosk adjacent to a small block of flats in Park Avenue, Thatcham.
Moreover, the horizontal top element consists of one medium and one small block between the two large corner pieces.
It's most suitable for use with database log files, which are highly active and typically have relatively small block sizes.
Specs stopped writing for us after his 1968 contributions and that was the last we ever heard from or about him until 1989 when a small block of type in the obituary section of our morning newspaper caught our eye: "Specs Toporcer, Former Major League Ballplayer, 1899-1989.
When a gift is made of a small block of stock in a closely held corporation, a valuation discount is often claimed because of the shares' minority status.
Glue and one or two screws secure each small block to the benderboard.
Shelby Engines will accept a limited number of customer-owned small block Windsor, 351 C and big block FE engines for rebuild or dyno tuning.
The high performance, technology-packed LT1 Small Block 6.
Auto Business News-September 6, 2013--General Motors to increase production of new Gen 5 Small Block engine range at Tonawanda Engine Plant(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.