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a narcotic that is considered a hard drug

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He added: "She had been misusing drugs to a high level and there had been comments made that she was a smackhead.
He told them their dad was a smackhead and a weirdo and it was their fault that he died.
She said: "He said he could do anything he wanted to me because I was a prostitute and a smackhead.
DIRTY PRETTY THINGS Romance At Short Notice (Mercury) "FREED from the shackles of smackhead celebrity, Libertines Carl Barat continues to build on the foundations of his Dirty Pretty debut with a surprisingly mainstream sophomore set.
With songs like Barbie is a Smackhead and Slugs and Spice you gotta love 'em.
Just take a walk, if you dare, to the place that locals in Renton call Smackhead Close.
For the average smackhead, there are plenty of nice fat juicy carrots but no sticks.
And have screaming matches in pubs with mates and smackhead ex-boyfriends (Kate Moss, Rhys Ifans and Pete Doherty)?
Michael Douglas is the newly appointed drugs czar who discovers his daughter's a smackhead, Catherine Zeta Jones finds she's the wife of a drugs baron runner and Best Supporting Actor nominee (and BAFTA winner) Benicio Del Toro is the Mexican cop immersed in a world of treachery and corruption.
Latest recruit WDC Liz Rawton (Libby Davidson), incorruptible, dark but with an arresting manner, teamed up perfectly with WDC Sue Croft (Kerry Peers), saving her blushes after she had lost a court case against a sneering smackhead.
I don't care if I'm caught 300 times a day on camera so long as it helps convict one heartless mugger, one cruel dog beater, one smackhead joyrider or one hooded burglar who thinks he's got away with being identified but who forgot he'd tattooed his own name on his neck.
Gayle Addison, defending, said: "She saw red at being called a smackhead.
You'll need the key, then," said the barmaid, explaining that emergency procedures were needed after a kindly passing smackhead had decided to use the WC as a cosy place to jack up, only to miscalculate and jettison a glut of arterial blood over the walls.
Mr McEwan swore at her back and shouted at her she was a smackhead.
You can feel sympathy for Whately when, interviewed by the police over the ODed death of his smackhead partner, he's required to say things like "I'm a doctor for God's sake" but you should also be grateful for Gannon slipping in the line "my work and family keep me going" just so you know he's probably going to go off the deep end when both come under threat.