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a native or inhabitant of Slovenia

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SCOTLAND were last night celebrating another crucial win after the Slovenian FA doubled the Tartan Army's ticket allocation for the final World Cup qualifier next month.
In the seventh sonnet of his "Sonetni venec" (The Wreath of Sonnets), with which he created a unique literary genre at the global level (the wreath includes fourteen sonnets, in which the last line of each sonnet repeats in the first line of the next sonnet, with the repeated lines forming an additional, fifteenth sonnet)--he expressed his wish for a new Orpheus to unite Slovenians of all backgrounds.
The Slovenian president, Borut Pahor, is set to visit Egypt in December.
The Voice of Youth section features the answers of young Slovenians to questions such as how they perceive Slovenia, what they see as the advantages and drawbacks of life for the young in the country, where they think its hidden reserves are, and what advice they would give to their peers.
On the 23 June, the Slovenian Embassy in Skopje hosted a reception to celebrate 25 June, Slovenia's National Day--the 24th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia.
The speakers' program began in 2005 and since that time it has become one of the most popular embassy offerings for Americans and Slovenians alike.
While we may ethnocentrically place A Farewell to Arms in Italy and Switzerland, the novel is rightly viewed differently by Slovenians.
The main difference between Slovaks and Slovenians is that while both would be prepared to sell their own g r a n d m o t h e r, only the Slovenians actually deliver.
48% of Slovenians voted in favour of the agreement to solve the long-standing border dispute with Zagreb before the international arbitration tribunal, while 48.
Local media, late Friday, quoted the president as saying that Slovenian was
What we know from the media, and we do not know anything officially, is that Slovenians want some supplements and changes.
Generally, they thought that nature and culture are more integrated in the lives of Slovenians, though this alone did not explain the lack of their own environmental literature tradition.
The association is offering Slovenian language classes for Egyptians of Slovenian origin and Egyptians who are married to Slovenians.
He has added that this reflects "keeping Telekom Slovenije as an independent company headquartered in Slovenia and run by Slovenians.
Other guests included Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki, Ombudsman Ixhet Memeti, National Bank Governor Dimitar Bogov, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors and other representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives of international organizations and political parties, businessmen, scholars, artists, the General Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia, Mihajlo Mojsov, and many Slovenians who live and work in Macedonia.
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