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a native of Slovenia

the Slavic language of Slovenes

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Trois resultats d'analyse anormaux, provenant tous d'un meme athlete" avaient ete identifies, avait alors annonce le CIO sans pouvoir a l'epoque reveler le nom de l'athlete qui est donc la Slovene Teja Gregorin.
Slavs in Post-Nazi Austria: Carinthian Slovenes and the Politics of Assimilation, 1945-1960
Before I turn to these works, which represent the peak of Slovene novel writing and undoubtedly belong among the world literary canon, (2) I shall briefly present the contemporary Slovene novel.
Place names have changed numerous times as borders have moved back and forth, but resolutely, and greatly against the odds, the Slovene people have clung to their identity.
Until now, there have been no efforts in producing large-scale MWE resources for Croatian, Serbian or Slovene.
The supply of services consisting of the translation into Slovene of documents relating to the interests and activities of the European Union.
In Slovenia, the reception of American literature by way of translations is above all a result of the work of Slovene translators after the Second World War.
The emigre version states that the Slovenians had to choose between "two evils" (the Germans or the communists) with the goal of preserving the Slovene nation.
Dans ce message, le Souverain exprime au president slovene Ses felicitations chaleureuses et Ses voeux sinceres de plein succes dans Ses fonctions pour la realisation des aspirations de son peuple ami a davantage de progres et de prosperite.
In English, Slovene and in many other languages, proper nouns are spelt with a capital letter.
In the autumn of 2008, the winner of the first season of the Big Brother show on Slovene commercial television, Kanal A, was a member of the Slovene diaspora in Australia who was five years old when his parents left Slovenia for Sydney in 1992.
Vincent Collet, le selectionneur de l'equipe de France, a annonce dans notre quotidien le forfait de Rudy Gobert pour l'Euro slovene (4-22 septembre).
When not gathering or cooking food, he toured an old mercury mine; lost a bocce ball match to a spirited group of retirees; received a newborn goat in a tiny mountaintop village where Slovenia, Italy and Austria all come together; got rowed out to Bled Island by a Slovene Olympian; and took a perilous ride with members of the Yugo Car Club.
TriGranit Group, a company dealing in real estate development in Central Europe, said that it made a deal with his Slovene partner ERA Holding on implementing the project ERA City in Skopje.
The origins of Slovene music lie in surviving pagan fragments and the first musical settings of religious texts, beginning in the sixth century.