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ground beef (not a patty) cooked in a spicy sauce and served on a bun

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Aside from a captivating campaign, they came up with recipes and fiery flavours including lamb chops, chicken wings, burgers, sloppy Joes and even sweet potato fries.
com/) "Chicken" Charlie Boghosian , also known as California's "deep-fry king," posted a picture of a Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe on his (https://www.
Lunch - Sloppy joe on whole wheat; pineapple; corn; milk
Plus, your customers will love the big and savory Sloppy Joe sandwich and a tasty Breaded Chicken offering, which is an ideal alternative to beef or pork-based sandwich.
He cites the following as examples: Sloppy joe, bear claw, tire treads (a brand of licorice), and Italian dishes with puttanesca in the name.
Targeted at convenience stores, Manwich Sloppy Joe Sandwiches from La Palma, California-based ConAgra Foods Mexican Foods are convenient, handheld flatbread creations in two varieties: Original and Supreme.
with a New York twist we tried this week Hot Sloppy Joe Roll, Marks & Spencer Sounds more like a jumper than a snack, but this calorie-fest, from the new All-American hot sandwich range, has pulled beef brisket, cheese and sweet tangy sauces.
DATZ's stuffed meatloaf, prickly pear mimosa, blue cheese datzcho potato chips, short rib sloppy joe and chicken n' waffle benedict plus Sunday brunch (red velvet pancakes) wow all including the kids menu peanut butter, marshmallow cream and sliced bananas on Datz milk bread).
The popular paninis are made in Sloppy Joe's own sourdough buns, warm baguettes, deli meats, and of course, the famous Sloppy Joes minced beef or the sloppy chicken.
They probably don't have this down at your local branch but diners at one stand inSan Diego were once served a Sloppy Joe (a US blend of minced beef and melted cheese) all stuffed inside a familiar Krispy Kreme shell.
School-made sloppy Joe on a bun, garden salad with chick peas, fruit cup and milk.
com showcases a selection of meals with mountainous calories, dubbed "fast food porn", ranging from the Krispy Kreme sloppy joe burger to the chocolate-covered bacon maple doughnut bar.
It's delicious in sloppy Joe sandwiches or all by itself over rice.
If a sloppy joe evokes school cafeteria days for you, it's time for an update.
Add Sloppy Joe seasoning mix, 1/2 cup water, 1 (8-ounce) can of tomato sauce; bring to a boil over medium-high heat.