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a passenger car that has berths for sleeping

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Pullman workers played a major role in the rise of the black middle class and, through a labor agreement won by the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, they helped launch the civil rights movement of the 20th century, the White House said.
The scenery was best enjoyed during the day, either from the dome car or any of the vestibules between the sleeping cars - where you could peek out the open half-door and breathe in the crisp air of the Rockies or the salt scents of San Francisco Bay.
Its luxury sleeping cars could be found on every major passenger rail line, and it operated manufacturing and repair facilities not only in Chicago, but also in Atlanta, Buffalo, St.
The book tells of the men who worked on George Pullman's railroad sleeping cars, examining their role in the Civil Rights Movement, black trade unions, and the birth of the African-American middle class.
AUDI just won't let sleeping cars lie, they've introduced their best TT Coupe ever.
7] A four hundred-pound bonvivant, Van Home decided that he would make Canadian sleeping cars the most palatial liners in North America.
The contract, worth approximately CAD 125 million (USD82 million), includes 47 passenger cars, 72 sleeping cars and 20 restaurant cars, according to a statement by VIA Rail.
The JR East plan involves having passenger trains, including sleeping cars, stop at the nearest station shortly before the clock strikes 12 a.
It is also considering whether to halt sleeping cars, as few passengers disembark from the train during stopovers.
Five years before at Sotheby's Monte Carlo auction he had paid 65,000 ($113,800) for two tattered circa-1929 sleeping cars of the rolling stock of one of the most famous trains of all time.
Wood-paneled sleeping cars will start service this spring.
Three private train cars: the Pony Express, Overland Trail and Pacific Sands -- original baggage, lounge and sleeping cars, respectively -- will also be available for public tours.
Contract award notice: "laundry bedding (sheet envelope, sheet bed and pillow), quilts, pillows, tablecloths, naproane and towels that have sleeping cars, couchette, bar and restaurant in wagon revision bucharest grivita" and "wash bedding (sheet envelope, bed sheet and pillowcase) which are equipped with sleeping cars and berth in mangalia wagon revision" - divided into 2 lots.
Meanwhile, it was reported that the new sleeping cars bought from Turkey will hardly be launched into exploitation by the end of the summer season.
An additional 10,000 have been put up in seaside hotels, out of the quake zone, and the Italian railway provided heated sleeping cars at L'Aquila's main train station, where nearly 700 people spent the night.