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large padded bag designed to be slept in outdoors

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They ask for new, compactstyle sleeping bags as they have limited storage.
When I got in, I saw one man rolling his sleeping bag up and then shaking his friend but he wasn't responding.
I posted something online asking for blankets, and I didn't expect it to blow up as much as it did, but loads of people have been saying they'd give me old sleeping bags and duvets and coats, so I'm going to collect them up and take them in to a shelter.
Charlie star Gavin said: "You're seeing so many homeless people on the streets, it's just breaking my heart, it's awful Speaking to the Irish Mirror, the TV regular described hearing about the "dire" need for sleeping bags and wanted to see if he could use his profile to help raise cash.
A small grant from Sport Relief/ Comic Relief helped him to buy more than 250 sleeping bags for the homeless in his home city.
SLUMBERSAC SLEEPING BAG WITH FEET A jersey cotton sleeping bag with openings for feet so children can walk around while staying cosy in their bag.
The sleeping bags and short pants launched by Vodafone are called 'Recharge Bags' and 'Power Shorts'.
Ellis said he used the donated money to purchase sleeping bags, socks and shoes, and clothing for men, women and children.
Baby sleeping bags are safer than sheets and blankets as your baby cannot slip down inside it and is the right temperature all night.
A total of 120 tents, 150 sleeping bags, warm clothes and boots, were picked up by the team following an agreement with festival organisers.
The growth of the nascent sleeping bags sub-sector is set to face difficulties as the item was taken off the list of duty-free exports to the US in December last year.
Failed asylum seekers have been offered sleeping bags to live rough on Scotland's streets.
Summary: Roughing it in sleeping bags for five days have led a few university kids-turned-regular-Gandis to come to the conclusion that we mustn't 'give up' on the homeless.
Browning has selected ALPS Mountaineering to market a line of sleeping bags, air pads, tents and camp furniture under the Browning Camping line.
Unlike other sleeping bags, the Go Go has two practical and economic sizes: newborn-two years and two years-four years, so there's no need to get a new size every six months.