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Synonyms for somniloquy

uttering speech while asleep

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In our study, while waking up at night, restless sleep, arm-leg movements during sleep, being confused when waking up at night, not sleeping well at night, snoring, waking rested in the morning, being scared of sleeping alone, nightmares, sleep-talking, and the mean sleep span were not found related to daytime sleepiness, female gender, arm-leg movements during sleep, being confused when waking up at night, difficulty in getting up in the morning, fear of sleeping alone, and nightmares were found as the determining factors in daytime sleepiness.
The results showed that snoring, taking the duvet, rolling over to a partner's side and sleep-talking and walking have all made for rocky relationships and a new trend for his and hers bedrooms.
The Albion goalkeeper has been keeping his team-mate up all night with constant sleep-talking.
The bride-to-be additionally suffers from irregular bouts of seeming narcolepsy - indeed she spends most of the play sleep-talking.
The Hollyoaks actress, who will have her 23rd birthday in the jungle, admits she could scare her fellow contestants - and herself - by sleepwalking, sleep-talking and snoring.
My attention was first drawn to my sleep-talking a few years ago when I shared a room with a friend while we were on holiday together.