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any member of the people of eastern Europe or Asian Russia who speak a Slavonic language

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We started the realisation of the idea of creating strong bonds between the Slavic peoples and their cultures ten years ago and today we connect the cultural cores of more than 300 million Slavs from 13 Slavic countries.
Imagining Creation offers nine studies of what are variously called "creation stories" and "creation" and "origin myths" from the ancient Near East (Mesopotamia and Egypt), India, sub-Saharan Africa; ancient, medieval, and modem Judaism, nineteenth- and twentieth-century south Slavic peoples, especially Bulgarians; and Arabia.
As we see in her award-winning China series, East Wind West Wind (2004), and her Give Me Your Image (2005) European jaunt, Van Manen's brief here is rather to part the iconographic veil that habitually clouds Western perspectives of the Slavic peoples and their historic travails, emphasizing individual heroism and resourcefulness over exotic scenes or local wonders.
This is simply the most integrated history of the relations among three East Slavic peoples I have ever seen, since the context in which Plokhy presents national identity projects encompasses virtually all aspects of their interaction.
Before the Greeks, Europeans enslaved other Europeans, and the word slave itself comes from the Slavic peoples who were for centuries enslaved in Europe.
The European Holocaust alone included, apart from some six million Jews, hundreds of thousands of Roma and Sinti (sometimes known collectively as Gypsies), Russians and other Slavic peoples, Poles, Communists and political dissidents, the mentally or physically disabled, random intelligenzia, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Lutherians and even Catholic clergy.