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The 16 papers explore such aspects of Slavic languages as the interplay of feature inheritance and information structure in Polish inverse copular sentences, a semantic analysis of Czech kind-denoting and group-denoting noun phrases, the rise of the indefinite article edin in Bulgarian, the syntax and semantics of directional axial expressions in Russian, trochaic lengthening in Neostokavian, the semantic compatibility of two Czech temporal adjuncts, and naturally-atomic singular noun-adjective construction kinds in Russian as lexically derived.
While working at the Embassy, I did not neglect my scholarly interest in the Macedonian language and literature, focusing particularly on the contemporary Macedonian language, lexicography, and theory and practice of translation to and from a number of Slavic languages.
Sick and tired as he admitted he was, Constantine agreed, providing there were a written Slavic language, to which the emperor replied that two of his predecessors (presumably emperors Theophilos and Michael II) were trying to find a script for the Slavs, but both failed.
In Section 2 we present related work on named entity extraction for Croatian and other Slavic languages.
In this language [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (celjade) means 'human creature' (usually 'young'), while the collective [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (celjad) shares the meaning 'house servants, inmates' or 'family' with the corresponding nouns in West Slavic languages.
Stephanie Sandler is Professor of Slavic languages and literatures
He became dean of the Slavic languages faculty of the university in 1995 and was president of the university in 1999-2007.
Ilya Vinitsky, Chair of Slavic Languages Department, University of Pennsylvania; Daron Hagen, an acclaimed American opera composer.
According to the Ministry of Transport, IT and Communications, Bulgaria's scientific contribution is most significant in the field of common EU projects focused on digital culture, which deal with the develop of smart computer programs for text recognition in various European languages, including Slavic languages.
The Mogadorian language was created just for the movie and is a combination of ancient Latin and Slavic languages.
The references are largely in Slavic languages and represent only a fraction of the material that is available worldwide.
Today, a Pole and a Russian are more likely to speak to each other in English than in one of their native Slavic languages.
He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1984 with bachelor's degrees in political science and German and Slavic languages.
He has a master's degree in Slavic Languages and Literatures from Indiana University, where he studied Russian and Czech.
in Slavic languages and literature and held a tenured position at the University of Virginia - where she developed and taught courses dealing with the problems of violence, with a particular emphasis on racism and sexual violence.