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2) Such compounds with more than two members are not found in Slavic as far as I know.
In the reminiscences that follow, Hecimovic reveals that key South Slavic members of the CPC and officials of the CLDL were in touch with him.
The first is the Willow area, which is among the most underserved parts of Broadway Slavic Village.
This change in verb tense from aorist to perfect is not a minor difference, as the Slavic Bible was not part of an open tradition.
The Byzantine apostles brought not only language, culture, and religion to the backward pagans, but their mission was instrumental in defining the existence of practically all Slavic nations.
Within the framework of the event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the birth of Petar Petrovic Njegos, a Montenegrin poet and bishop, the forum participants donated volumes of the edition "A Hundred Slavic Novels," a project to which Macedonia has also contributed anthologies of Macedonia writers translated into English, to the Durde Crnojevic National Library of Montenegro.
Last year, I reviewed Editio Musica Budapest's Kaleidoscope for AMT, and in many respects, this review of Slavic Miniatures feels a bit self-plagiarized, as I can hear most of my comments and criticisms being echoed from the past.
The IE root *kwel- expanded with *-d occurs also in Slavic languages.
A 10-member brass band that plays a loud, funky blend of American and European-inspired music, Slavic Soul Party
based Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union has more than 72,000 members and $1.
In 1840 he accepted the Chair of Slavic Literatures at the prestigious College de France.
If you had gone to the 2009 Slavic Festival on Saturday or Sunday at the Wheeler Pavilion at the Lane Events Center, you would have known that by now, having seen it displayed with other Slavic facts on an overhead projector.
It is with this critical cluster in mind that I open my reflections on the cultural translatability of Faulkner's work into Slavic languages and cultures with the following question: "Da li ti Viljem Fokner stvarno zvuci slovenski?
That might have been a respite of Scandinavian restraint and irony, but in pianist Terrence Wilson's virtuosic hands it, too, was given an all-stops-out Slavic treatment of manic ebullience amid lyric suffering.
As a transgender student and activist in Sacramento, I can attest to the virulence of the hate messages and palpable sense of fear that a minority of Slavic neo-evangelicals are perpetrating in the area ["Killed in Broad Daylight," December 4].