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Synonyms for slang



Synonyms for slang

informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions

a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

use slang or vulgar language

Related Words

abuse with coarse language

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MARRA Marra, as a slang word for a mate, derives from a local pronunciation of marrow, which has been used to mean "companion" or "workmate" since the 1400s.
Slang words are creeping into your child's vocabulary and conversation.
It's like a slang word for 'you're going to get it if you don't behave'," he explained.
Sometimes, if they don't understand a slang word or think it's too grown-up, Disney will want me to change a lyric.
That derogatory slang word is often aimed at members of the Bloods street gang, deputies said.
It is a slang word in Yorkshire that comes from the Anglo-Saxons and it has been translated into a swear word.
The word itself derives from "jass," a slang word for sex that developed in early twentieth-century New Orleans.
Isn't this the man whose son, Ardal, starred as Fr Dougal in the Father Ted TV show where the use of the word "feck" became a popular slang word in the UK?
The slang word for anything a bit smelly has been hijacked by daft studio bosses to promote The Emperor's New Groove.
By the time Webster's publishes a slang word in its dictionary, the people using it are collecting Social Security.
Lighter, HDAS gives insight into how slang reflects the history of America itself, and it lets readers trace the path each slang word or expression has traveled in its lifetime.
This slang word has many meanings and can also be an acoustic signal.
Rarmoul-Bouhadjar also mentions the word "strap", said to be a slang word for a firearm.
But before that, the script manages to toss every offensive slang word for homosexuality into the conversation.