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Synonyms for slab

Synonyms for slab

a relatively long, straight, rigid piece of metal or other solid material

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block consisting of a thick piece of something

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Large slabby rocks like at Neebish, but more verdant woods with brooks aim stones covered with soft moss.
One of the earliest efforts the notoriously diffident Provencal master seems to have been pleased with was a small, slabby still life, painted with the palette knife, which he liked enough to include in the background of his portrait: of his father in an armchair.
I think maybe I've caught them by the time he starts moving toward Whistle's bar, shaking his empty beer bottle, and just then he strikes me as maybe sexy - the black jeans, just loose enough so you're not quite sure of what you're seeing, and it's his hips mostly, and the upper parts of his long thighs, something slabby and substantial about them, something haunch-like; in fact, that's what I think of as he's walking over to the bar - the slinky, rolling motion of lion haunches.
This must be among the biggest fine pyrargyrite specimens yet found at this locality - toughened on the terminations, and slightly slabby on some prism faces, but brilliantly lustrous, its two giant crystals, despite their thickness, alive with flashing red internal highlights.
After a day of rest, the team will then climb slabby terraces and snow slopes beneath the main glaciers of the South-West Face of Lobuche East.
Another anonymous resident told the council: "These proposal present a slabby concrete building which echoes the existing with a lame attempt to break it up with the ubiquitous coloured student resident 'funky' panels.
If you get a big fall of soft snow on to slabby snow then it is very heavy and it can slide off.
The Chevrolet Spark looked less slabby and nondescript than earlier European offerings and their Oriental-badged cousins and while the styling is a bit of a mixed bag, it works.
Some are faceted as if by wind, some are strongly pitted like frothy lava or as if small spherules have been plucked out, some are rounded as if they underwent prolonged transport by water before they arrived here, and others are slabby and may simply be broken chunks of local, hardened, soil.
Gone are the slabby lines that once adorned the LS, to be replaced with a low-slung muscular elegance that gives the big Lexus some serious presence.
Whereas the old Vectra - the vehicle famously shot to bits by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear - was a car that had more going against it than for it, the new car had the whole confident saloon thing pretty much down, it just seemed a little bit slabby looking.
Its design is fresh and angular if a bit slabby, a sort of American/European style with high waist, distinctive nose and tail plus huge vertical headlamps.