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Synonyms for skullcap

rounded brimless cap fitting the crown of the head

a herbaceous plant of the genus Scutellaria which has a calyx that, when inverted, resembles a helmet with its visor raised

the dome of the skull

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Local shopkeepers said, the family members of the Haj pilgrims who are about to return from pilgrimage soon are looking for the Pakistani prayer rug and skullcaps and other clothing items to distribute among their beloved ones.
He said the idea of trading skullcaps was a suggestion from a priest friend while they were having lunch.
A video of the drill shows five policemen holding three dummy terrorists who are wearing skullcaps.
altissima from Europe (Nordhagen 1936; Van Der Pijl 1982; Leins 2000), is examined in two southwestern species of North American skullcap (S.
Summary: <p>Of all the cottage industries you might expect to find in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, the Palestinian crocheting of Jewish skullcaps may seem one of the oddest.
Summary: Of all the cottage industries you might expect to find in the Israeli- occupied West Bank, the crocheting of Jewish skullcaps by Palestinian hands seems one of the oddest.
THE Northern Racing College is making an appeal for spare racing tack - saddles, weight cloths, breeches, boots, whips and skullcaps - that will help bring aspects of the sport closer to youngsters at events the college attends.
A short while later, he opened fire at two men wearing kippas, the Jewish religious skullcaps, after they asked him for cigarettes.
An HPLC method for simultaneous determination of 12 marker compounds in American and Baikal skullcaps has been developed and validated.
The victim told police the incident started when four Jews wearing skullcaps approached him near an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood.
This is eloquently articulated in The Hill Boys, a floor piece composed of knit skullcaps and Acrilan fabric, which resembles the undulating contours of the area commonly known as the West Bank, Judea and Samaria, or the Occupied Territories, depending on one's affiliations.
In the pews to the right were a group of Roman Catholic cardinals and bishops wearing red skullcaps.
17 of a ban against 'conspicuous' religious symbols in state schools, including the hijab, large crucifixes, and skullcaps.
The ban also applies to Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses.
The ban, which includes Islamic headscarves, Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses, took effect at the start of the school year.