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men's underwear consisting of cotton T-shirt and shorts

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Sponsors include the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka, the Beacon Youth Group, Equality Kansas Topeka Chapter, Skivvies, Ultimate Bounce, and NOTO Burrito.
As you tip the bottle, the ball goes flying and so do the clothes off the innocents, who are left standing in their skivvies.
FOR trained doctors to be scratching a living as skivvies when the NHS is so short of them is a national disgrace.
Regardless of how many gay revelers actually will dance tonight in their skivvies, Corte, says he will be working the turntables in pants.
A strong, controlling woman, who dominated her weak husband and treated her niece and nephew, Pat and Jim, as skivvies (although the latter relationship is fondly remembered), Mirabel Topham brought these characteristics to bear against the institutionalised sexism of the age, proving too tough a nut for the crusty Jockey Club buffers to crack.
Now, wearing any more than skivvies to go jogging is considered a sign of mental instability.
Or their (yet unnamed) offshoots peddling men's soiled skivvies.
While professional skivvies are dashing about ordering turkey dinners and buying Christmas gifts, the latest breed of workaholic is spending more time in the office.
HOLLYWOOD Models stripped down to their skivvies for an April 1 benefit hosted by breast cancer charity Expedition Inspiration Take-a-Hike and Frederick's of Hollywood.
Sir, - I know from my community contacts that Labour Party members are fed up at the moment, having no say and being skivvies for the actions of American President Bush.
s Baggy Pants Burlesque Revue provided corny comic relief, and at the closing-night gala, Roky Roulette of the San Francisco Burlesque Orchestra gave something back to the ladies, stripping from a full suit to his skivvies as he bounced across the stage on a pogo stick.
The series--which includes straight women and queer and straight men as well as the lesbians and bisexual women pictured here--depicts 12 everyday people posing in their skivvies.
and if Port of Portland boosters are keen to dig a deeper Columbia River channel, let's see them out on the Interstate Bridge in their skivvies to raise a few million dollars for the Army Corps of Engineers.
The total was boosted to nearly pounds 300 by an auction, in which two Wood End men volunteered their services as skivvies to the highest bidders.
Normally I cook and wash up as well - there are very rarely any skivvies around.