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However, they also argue that determinism is nonetheless compatible with moral responsibility because determined agents may be sufficiently reason-responsive, that is, responsive to moral reasons, to ground morally appropriate attributions of moral responsibility, as opposed to attributions justified only on Skinnerian or other consequentialist grounds.
Also to be noted is that the uniqueness of VB does not require special explanatory laws; Skinnerian laws of behavior are sufficient to account for it.
In the philosophical literature on the relationship between personal history and moral responsibility, realistic cases of childhood abuse or corrupting social contexts often give way to fanciful scenarios involving Skinnerian conditioning and other overt manipulations of subjects' desires and values.
In the Skinnerian vocabulary anachronism compares with myth, which historians should also avoid.
Essentialism has affinities with Skinnerian and Pavlovian behaviorism.
Relational Frame Theory: A Post Skinnerian Account of Human Language and Cognition.
In the useful jargon of Skinnerian behaviorists, these actions are reinforcing.
Starting with a similar premise (one need not be able to see into the mind of the enemy if he consistently shows a link between observable behaviors and certain effects), it may be possible to identify next steps toward more rigorous effects-based models by reviewing the historical path taken by educators as they moved from Skinnerian pragmatism to today's more robust models of learning.
The most explicit statement of these values is made in his book Walden Two, in which we are introduced to a Skinnerian utopia based upon the principles of operant conditioning.
His teacher is mean, the homework seems excessive and pointless, his classroom is punitive and grades are dispensed like food pellets to Skinnerian pigeons.
Although Bandura acknowledges some external reinforcement of behavior, he eschews such a Skinnerian approach in favor of internal reinforcement, where the individual takes responsibility for choosing and examining his/her own behavior.
This is where the computer nerds have gotten downright Skinnerian.
Browning (1987), for example, argues that theories like psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, and Skinnerian behaviorism all involve "instances of religio-ethical thinking" that qualify them as "practical moral philosophies" (p.
Skinner devoted his life to the study of instrumental conditioning--later called Skinnerian conditioning--advancing research methodology by raising the standards for what was considered acceptable research within the field of psychology.