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Synonyms for Skinner

United States actor (1858-1942)


United States actress noted for her one-woman shows (1901-1979)

United States psychologist and a leading proponent of behaviorism (1904-1990)

a person who prepares or deals in animal skins

a worker who drives mules

References in classic literature ?
Skinner furnished him with a double sheet of paper, and Mr.
Skinner, with his small bowler hat on the back of his head, a fresh cigar in the corner of his mouth, and his thumbs in the armholes of his waistcoat, strolled along Broadway with something akin to a smile parting his lips, and showing his yellow teeth.
Byline: KEVIN MAGUIRE On the election trail with Dennis Skinner
5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Inpro today announced it has entered into an agreement with DJ Skinner & Associates Ltd.
He was known as Graham to his family and Chris to his friends, but renamed himself Frank Skinner after a member of his father's dominoes team because Equity already had a Chris Collins on their books.
Brett Skinner set out to change this perception by providing patients with a comfortable, welcoming environment.
A district court judge ruled against death row inmate Hank Skinner this week, saying it was "reasonably probable" Skinner would have still been convicted of a triple murder even if recently conducted DNA evidence had been available at his 1995 trial.
COMEDIAN Frank Skinner celebrated his 55th birthday yesterday by revealing he's going to be a father.
Skinner who did much for the early growth of the First Baptist Church of Raleigh, North Carolina, and Wake Forest University.
Kent-based CCV was formed four years ago as a vehicle to buy independent brokers across the UK and its latest deal saw it buy a majority stake in Newcastle-based insurance broker Bishop Skinner.
What can Skinner have left to say about this subject that he has not said in his previous work (particularly in Visions of Politics III and in Liberty before Liberalism)?
FRANK Skinner fears he has lost half his pounds 6million fortune in the credit crunch.
COMIC Frank Skinner has revealed Willie Johnston is his football favourite - because he once sold a shed to a fan taking a corner.
Born in Newark, NJ, he was the son of the late Raymond and Whilimia (Brown) Skinner and graduated from Central High School in Providence.