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alert agile lizard with reduced limbs and an elongated body covered with shiny scales

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We have gained valuable knowledge of and expertise in the skinks husbandry needs in case wild populations living in their limited, isolated alpine habitat are impacted by catastrophic events such as a major bushfire.
Within Victoria, the Alpine She-oak Skink has been recorded from (north-to-south) the Bogong High Plains and Falls Creek Alpine Resort, Mt Hotham to Mt Loch and Mt Higginbotham, and on the Lankey and Omeo Plains in the broader Dargo High Plains (Schulz et al.
The littoral skink, Etnoia atrocostata (Lesson 1830) is widely distributed in Oceania and occurs in southern parts of Taiwan (Ota 1998) the Philippines, parts of the Malay Peninsula, Caroline Islands, Indonesia, New Guinea, Cape York in northern Australia, Solomon Islands and Mariana Islands (Brown 1991).
At higher altitudes, however, erratic annual temperatures mean that the timing of birth may not affect reproduction rates, so the skinks rely on genes to produce a balanced sex ratio.
A RARE crocodile skink seized by customs at Heathrow Airport has given birth at Blue Planet Aquarium, Cheshire Oaks.
Older male skinks also experience color changes, sometimes completely losing their stripes and becoming a uniform olive brown.
We asked for Swiss cheese plants for three monkey-tailed skinks and we were inundated with phone calls and doorstep deliveries.
It's not forked like a snake tongue," says Griffith's fiancee Holly Humphrey, who admits she had little interest in skinks, blue tongued or otherwise, when Griffith brought home an Irian Jaya Indonesian variety several years ago.
Skinks were maintained separately with visual barriers in glass terraria (76 cm by 29 cm by 29 cm) in a room adjusted to ambient outdoor climate and light as well as with heat lamps for 8 h per day for proper thermoregulation.
Then, Michael Bull of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, reported that some of Australia's big, live-bearing skinks are monogamous.
The man was arrested by customs officials at Perth International Airport on 20 October after the animals, which included skinks, frogs and geckos, were discovered in his suitcases.
The skinks or Scincidae, some of which are legless, are generally fast, soft-bodied and commonly seen around gardens.
Clear, simple text, matched with detailed illustrations, reveal the varied physical attributes, forms, of locomotion, habitat, diet, and life cycles of snakes, turtles, alligators, skinks, and lizards.
On Guam, small skinks are readily available prey for the young snakes.