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alert agile lizard with reduced limbs and an elongated body covered with shiny scales

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As I climbed the steps, I dodged round snuffling warthogs and startled grazing impala, while skinks (little lizards) scuttled in front of me.
Distribution of the Northern Prairie Skink coincides with tallgrass prairies in the Great Plains, and these skinks occur primarily in the eastern third of Nebraska, especially along major rivers (Ballinger et al.
Reproductive patterns in sympatric Philippine skinks (Sauria: Scincidae).
The researchers captured pregnant skinks from each clan and allowed half of each group to lie in the sun for 10 hours per day, while the others were restricted to 4 hours.
Like most lizards, skinks need sunshine in the morning to warm up their bodies.
Then there are the myriad butterflies, frogs, lizards, skinks and snakes, including the brilliant green python.
Skinks lay a single egg which is then guarded by both parents for up to 60 days before hatching.
The first event will be a reptile day on Tuesday, July 22, with animals including bearded dragon lizards, bluetongued skinks and snakes.
It is also re-issuing Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons, in which the author travels to Mauritius to rescue some endangered species such as Telfair's skinks and Gunther's geckos.
Unless you have the resources to slither over to the Murray-Darling river system in southern Australia, this collection of data about the astounding frogs, geckos, flap-footed lizards, skinks, dragons, monitor lizards, blind snakes, venomous land snakes and the very special fringe-dweller of the region gives basic knowledge about size, configuration, habitat, habits and tadpole characteristics if appropriate.
We asked for Swiss cheese plants for three monkey-tailed skinks and we were inundated with phone calls and doorstep deliveries.
It's not forked like a snake tongue," says Griffith's fiancee Holly Humphrey, who admits she had little interest in skinks, blue tongued or otherwise, when Griffith brought home an Irian Jaya Indonesian variety several years ago.
Skinks were maintained separately with visual barriers in glass terraria (76 cm by 29 cm by 29 cm) in a room adjusted to ambient outdoor climate and light as well as with heat lamps for 8 h per day for proper thermoregulation.
The man was arrested by customs officials at Perth International Airport on 20 October after the animals, which included skinks, frogs and geckos, were discovered in his suitcases.