galvanic skin response

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a change in the electrical properties of the skin in response to stress or anxiety

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For skin conductance response (SCR), a main effect of Word Type was found, F(2, 112) = 16.
The amygdala mediates the emotional modulation of threat-elicited skin conductance response.
Using conditioning to elicit skin conductance responses to deception.
The autonomic response to painful stimuli does not differ between patients with acute WAD, patients with chronic WAD, and healthy controls for autonomic controlled cardiac parameters, but the three groups did demonstrate a different skin conductance response to pain.
Skin conductance responses (SCRs) evoked by pictures increase when arousal is high and decrease when it is low, showing a positive relation to picture arousal ratings (Bradley, 2000; Greenwald et al.
The similarities included perceived anxiety, skin conductance response, and postural instability.
It would therefore be useful if studies using skin conductance response (SCR) as the dependent variable could be conducted at shorter ISis than was previously the case.
The difference between the post-stimulus, phasic skin conductance response (SCR) and the prestimulus, tonic skin conductance level (SCL) is well understood to determine the degree of participant orientation and arousal (Lagopoulos, Gordon, & Ward, 2006; Zuckerman, 1990).
Abbreviations: ANS = autonomic nervous system, CI = confidence interval, CNS = central nervous system, DGO = driven gait orthosis, ECG = electrocardiogram, EMG = electromyogram, GSR = galvanic skin response, HR = heart rate, HRV = heart rate variability, PC = principal component, PCA = principal component analysis, RMSE = root-mean-square error, RMSSD = root-mean-square successive difference, SAM = Self-Assessment Manikin, SCI = spinal cord injury, SCL = skin conductance level, SCR = skin conductance response, SD = standard deviation, T = thoracic, VR = virtual reality.
In turn, skin conductance response (SCR) depends on the arousal level of the affective stimuli, with the most arousing pictures evoking the largest SCRs (e.