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As seen in the chart, a rigorous curriculum begins with Skill Set #1.
Your governance committee may provide a forum to openly evaluate the skill sets and performance of other board members, but any open self-assessment of committee members is problematic at best.
Through the workshop, the participants gained insights into different leadership skill sets required for organisational and professional growth.
But Mr Ott surely has it right when he looks at the person in the round, and not simply at what skill sets they might have.
The company plans to expand e-learning opportunities to participants so that they may incorporate their new skill sets into busy schedules in order to remain competitive in the work place.
Look for increased training emphasis on law enforcement, internment/resettlement, and police intelligence operations, while we simultaneously continue to maintain expertise in skill sets involving Soldier survivability and maintenance of lethality against the enemy.
It is important that only fully proficient people be allowed to move up to Skill Sets No.
To increase the visibility of potential African American board members, the ELC is also in partnership with the National Association of Corporate Directors, and works toward registering members on the association's database--one of the primary sources companies use to seek eligible candidates in particular skill sets.
Speaking on Wednesday to the American Council of Engineering Companies, Bush said, ``to stay competitive, we got to make sure our children have the skill sets necessary to fill the jobs of the 21st century.
Examine the key skill sets necessary for the role you are seeking.
Abstract: This article addresses the failure of sustainability of reform efforts in public school systems by reconceptualizing the perplexing notion of sustainability through a case study to discern the skill sets needed of principals to sustain reforms in urban settings.
To do their jobs, they dip into a wide array of skill sets.
Our founders also hoped that the fledgling field of industrial editing would someday encompass broader responsibilities and different skill sets.
For Kevin Wagand, 599th Information Assurance Manager, the training time allowed him to strengthen his personal skill sets.
The site also offers a fraud survey, information on seven investigative techniques for fraud and the Institute's competency assessment tool (CAT) for users to measure their fraud prevention, detection and investigation skill sets.