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English philologist (1835-1912)

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SMALL BAND DATE: Tenor saxophonist Tommy Whittle (right) will be joined by Len Skeat (far right) on bass at the Little Barrow Hotel in Lichfield on Thursday PERFECT INTONATION: Tim Garland and his band are at the Stables in Wavendon on Sunday
Skeat have emphasized, however, `so universal is the Christian use of the codex in the second century that its introduction must date well before AD 100', that is, at a time when the title in question was not yet used.
Skeat in an attempt to reinforce his theory that Grendel was a bear.
Tomorrow night the band is an all-star one collected under the banner The Lichfield Red Hot Blowers, led by Digby Fairweather on trumpet and including Len Skeat, Roger Marks, Julian String-le, John Pearce and Bobby Worth.
Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis led his quartet - bassist Len Skeat, guitarist Mitch Dalton and pianist Dave Newton - through a heady mix of swing and ballads as they paid tribute to another great continental master of the bow - Stephane Grappelli.
Other American visitors at Scott's include Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Tenth Avenue Jazz Band and trumpeter Peter Compo, who will be accompanied by our own Jim Douglas, Len Skeat and Bobby Worth.
Excavating the relevant material can seldom have been easy - Skeat, for instance, was so against the idea of a biography that after his death his sons 'spent weeks tearing up old letters' (91 and n.
Skeat (Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd edn (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1898), p.
For quotations I use Skeat (1970), consulting Liuzza (1994) and manuscripts.
31) In the late 1870's and early 1880's, Walter Skeat, Furnivall's compatriot and the same philologist who wrote the footnotes to Hallam's 1876 prose translation, was busy reediting Stevenson's work in the light of new manuscript evidence and publishing it with EETS in 1886, postBrunanburh, as The Wars of Alexander.
Besides John Pearce, Len Skeat will be on bass and Len Walker will play guitar.
In 1910 Walter Skeat listed thirty-six words as directly borrowed from German into English; in 1935, Mary Sergeantson noted seventy-seven; Charles T.
This is the work Skeat entitled Richard the Redeless and attributed to Langland.