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a broad strait of the North Sea between Jutland and Norway


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A drone image of the Nexans Skagerrak cable laying vessel
The Danish Straits consist of three channels connecting the Baltic Sea to the North Sea via the Kattegat and Skagerrak Seas.
A new report reviewed records going back to 1919 to examine trends in the juvenile cod caught in the Skagerrak area of south Norway.
The converter stations will be located at both ends of the 240-kilometre long interconnection, and will be situated at the same site as the existing converter stations for Skagerrak 1-3 previously supplied by ABB, in Kristiansand, Norway and Tjele, Denmark.
The ship in question was the C/S Skagerrak which is used by Nexans to lay high-voltage, large-diameter power cables on the seabed.
2m, two-month "spectacular" conversion job involved splitting and lengthening the cable-laying ship Nexans Skagerrak.
1 December 2009 - Norwegian transmission operator Statnett SF said yesterday it has applied with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) for a concession to set up a fourth cable connection to Denmark, or the so-called Skagerrak 4 cable.
The council has made a similar decision regarding a group of 156 Swedish vessels when fishing for Norway lobster in the Skagerrak and Kattegat between southern Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
The parties have agreed to develop a joint arrangement for real time closures (RTC) of fishing grounds, and have established a working group which will develop and implement a RTC system and a system for seasonal area closures in the North Sea and Skagerrak.
October 27 Germany blocks the Skagerrak, the key waterway separating Norway and Denmark.
It said the amount of cod caught in the North Sea, Eastern English Channel and Skagerrak should be more than halved so populations can continue to recover.
Benoit also purchased Skagerrak, a son of Dynaformer for EUR185,000.
The majority of stocks in fishing grounds such as north east Arctic, North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat, west of Scotland and Rockall are at sustainable levels.
This is incorrect, as Oslo is north of the Skagerrak in the Oslo Fjord.
estimating the population size of breeding Greylag Geese (Kristiansen 1997), green algal mats in the Skagerrak (Pihl et al.