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Synonyms for sixpack

a carton containing six bottles or cans

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We'll help you save money and get healthy by growing your own vegetables with our fantastic free Grow Your Own sixpack of cabbage or broccoli plants worth pounds 2.
And there's Joe Sixpack, who pops up in every speech by Biden's rival for the vice presidency, Sarah Palin.
Joe Sixpack (and Joe Plumber, who emerged in the final debate) may resent the excesses of Wall Street, but Joe's also the guy who's been buying homes he can't afford and running up credit card debt.
Well, just watch on Saturday (wink, wink, you betcha, Jo and Joe Sixpack, doggone it).
Long the journalistic shorthand for the mine laboring, quiche-hating man on the street (they don't call him Joe Sixpack for his love of Coca-Cola), however, beer may soon be marketed at wine like prices The most familiar, well-worn political metaphor of our time could soon become about as relevant a signifier of economic status as the top hat, the monocle, or the full dinner pail.
There are few in Philadelphia who will forget that April day in 1998, in that cadaver-cold dump they called the Vet, when Joe Sixpack became a star.
Why are we fiddling with the faraway impracticalities of expecting Joe Sixpack to handle hydrogen fuel, or wasting our precious time with hybrid or alcohol-fueled Band-Aids for our bursting transportation arteries, when a perfect solution is at our fingertips right now?
Admittedly, Nicolas Cage looks far too old for the lead role, however, he's able to deal with the physical demands, flaunting an impressive sixpack in a gratuitous post-shower scene that attests to months of intensive gym work.
Sixpack, a young woman hears rumours that he is HIV positive.
PERFECTLY toned former 5ive star Abs is bringing his sixpack to Cardiff - to Party in the Park.
Any true American artist must respect the appearance of a Budweiser sixpack in a play's opening scene.
German-based TerraTec Electronic GmbH has introduced a six-channel sound card called SiXPack 5.
Scatterbrained billionaires" should be paying for the museums, not Joe Sixpack.
Throughout the press and punditland, this moniker reappeared in such headlines as NICE HAIRCUT, BUBBA and Pat Buchanan's comment that "Cristophe is not Bubba's barber," to dramatize the gap between Beverly Hills and Little Rock, Cristophe and Joe Sixpack, the "before" Bill Clinton of Hope and the "after" Bill Clinton of Hollywood, the populist candidate and the pretentious, out-of-touch President.
Well, there's the tiresome matter of the people--what Dowd calls "the Joe Sixpack constituency.