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Synonyms for sixpack

a carton containing six bottles or cans

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More pointedly, Robinson's O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic Sixpack and Two Sixpacks (Non-Alcoholic), both 2011, recalled Jasper johns's Painted Bronze, 1960.
The camera does not miss any opportunity to capture the best of the male leads Siddharth and Varun, with their sixpack abs et al.
We're in 12oz sixpack bottles and draft now, but we'll have news on new packaging in a few weeks, so stay tuned.
Cooper's fans will enjoy it when he shows off his impressive sixpack.
Ross grinned: "You might be a little big for telly", nodding at my not-quite sixpack belly and suggesting that my passion for, er, fine wine might get in the way of my ambitious plans.
We'll help you save money and get healthy by growing your own vegetables with our fantastic free Grow Your Own sixpack of cabbage or broccoli plants worth pounds 2.
Joe Sixpack -- Philadelphia Daily News beer reporter "Joe Sixpack," otherwise known as Don Russell, knows that Philadelphia is America's best beer-drinking city, and he can prove it.
And there's Joe Sixpack, who pops up in every speech by Biden's rival for the vice presidency, Sarah Palin.
There are few in Philadelphia who will forget that April day in 1998, in that cadaver-cold dump they called the Vet, when Joe Sixpack became a star.
Admittedly, Nicolas Cage looks far too old for the lead role, however, he's able to deal with the physical demands, flaunting an impressive sixpack in a gratuitous post-shower scene that attests to months of intensive gym work.
PERFECTLY toned former 5ive star Abs is bringing his sixpack to Cardiff - to Party in the Park.
Any true American artist must respect the appearance of a Budweiser sixpack in a play's opening scene.
She is joined by Jude Law's sixpack stomach, and Denise van Outen's knees.
Scatterbrained billionaires" should be paying for the museums, not Joe Sixpack.
Throughout the press and punditland, this moniker reappeared in such headlines as NICE HAIRCUT, BUBBA and Pat Buchanan's comment that "Cristophe is not Bubba's barber," to dramatize the gap between Beverly Hills and Little Rock, Cristophe and Joe Sixpack, the "before" Bill Clinton of Hope and the "after" Bill Clinton of Hollywood, the populist candidate and the pretentious, out-of-touch President.