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Synonyms for cladistics

a system of biological taxonomy based on the quantitative analysis of comparative data and used to reconstruct cladograms summarizing the (assumed) phylogenetic relations and evolutionary history of groups of organisms

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In one of the equally parsimonious trees Voltzia occurs as a sister genus with Majonica.
Twelve trees show Ullmannia as a sister genus with Majonica.
1994) found Sciadopitys to be a sister genus of Podocarpus.
A later study of the sister genus Wiskstroemia (Dute et al.
I moved to the Araripe Manakin (Antilophia bokermanni) which, along with the Helmeted Manakin (Antilophia galeata), is in the sister genus to the Chiroxiphia manakins.
Although the mating system has been experimentally examined in only six species or subspecies of Abronia, it is worthwhile to have information on mating systems from the probable sister genus, Tripterocalyx, to aid in understanding the evolution of mating systems in Abronia specifically, and more generally, to increase confidence and resolution in phylogenetic reconstructions of the evolution of mating systems in Nyctaginaceae.
The results indicate that the new genus does not belong to the Asteron complex but is the sister genus of Hetaerica.
The resulting tree shows that Notasteron is the sister genus of Hetaerica considering the somatic characters of the sternum, the endites and the labium as synapomorphic character states of the genera Storosa, Hetaerica and Notasteron, and the steep lateral margin as the main synapomorphic character state for Hetaerica and Notasteron.