Sir Walter Raleigh

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English courtier (a favorite of Elizabeth I) who tried to colonize Virginia

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John O'Connell, from Covent Garden, London, dressed as Sir Walter Raleigh with fellow cyclists
In June, came news that he had won the 2012 Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction, and in November he received the 2013 Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction at the annual meeting of the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association.
com), a beer distributor that services a nine-county area in and around the Triangle, has announced that it has won the 2012 Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance in the industrial category.
Sir Walter Raleigh es mas famoso por las cosas que nunca hizo que por las que si realizo.
The first traces the Tower's building and history up to the execution of Sir Walter Raleigh in 1618: his imprisonment there reflects the importance the Tower had gained because of its impregnability.
The first Ark Royal, a 38-gunship built for Sir Walter Raleigh, earned her battle honours against the Spanish Armada under Lord Howard in 1588 and again eight years later in Cadiz.
Treasure, Treason and the Tower: El Dorado and the Murder of Sir Walter Raleigh, Farnham, Ashgate, 2011; hardback; pp.
But Catherine also grows fond of the charming Sir Walter Raleigh, and her innocent flirtations cause the Queen to dismiss Catherine from her duties, imprison her, and eventually banish her to the colony on Roanoke Island.
Professor Michael Fitzgerald, of Trinity College, Dublin, believes that Kurt Cobain, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Picasso and Sir Walter Raleigh all owed their success to "risk-taking" genes that play a role in ADHD, reports The Scotsman.
Unable to reconcile her feelings for the dashing Sir Walter Raleigh with her duty to her country, the queen engineers a romance between him and one of her ladies-in-waiting.
The painting, once believed to be of Sir Walter Raleigh, has been in the Cobbe family collection for 300 years.
Sir Walter Raleigh, above, was buried with his favourite pipe and a tin of tobacco.
Esta nueva cinta tiene mayor presupuesto, con batallas navales incluidas, y a un Clive Owen ya instalado en el estrellato (su interpretacion de Sir Walter Raleigh es quiza lo mejor de la pelicula).
The land was then bequeathed to Elizabeth I's favourite, Sir Walter Raleigh.
Oscar-nominated Cate is a mighty force as she battles being the figure head of a country, with being a woman who cannot follow her heart and the dashing Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen).