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British dramatist (born in Czechoslovakia in 1937)

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What do Britain's greatest living painter Lucian Freud and leading playwright Sir Tom Stoppard have in common with Bill Brandt, probably the most famous British photographer of the 20th century?
The premiere of a new play by British dramatist Sir Tom Stoppard is always a major event.
THE wife of film star Jeremy Irons has developed a close friendship with leading playwright Sir Tom Stoppard.
LONDON A Broadway smash and a Broadway flop prepare their London transfers, Sir Richard Eyre bows out of the Royal National Theater with a new play by a newly knighted Sir Tom Stoppard, and a Hollywood dud resurfaces as a new British musical.
BIRTHDAYS: Sir Tom Stoppard, playwright, 80; Susan Penhaligon, actress, 68; Sir Richard Hadlee, former cricketer, 66; Sian Lloyd, weather presenter, 59; Julie Burchill, writer, 58; Vince Clarke, pop musician, 57; Tom Cruise, actor, 55; Shane Lynch, singer (Boyzone), 41.
PLAYWRIGHT Sir Tom Stoppard once wrote "if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon".
Adapted by Sir Tom Stoppard and starring Benedict Cumberbatch, it's set during a formative period of British history - from the twilight years of the Edwardian era to the end of the First World War.
NEW, five-part series Parade's End practically groans with class - it's adapted from Ford Maddox Ford's quartet of novels by playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch plus Hollywood's Rebecca Hall.
When Sir Tom Stoppard appeared in Melvyn Bragg's recent South Bank Show about 1968, he was a lone voice distancing himself from the radical protest in which some of his artistic contemporaries were swept up 40 years ago.
SHY: Freud turns away; IN THE LINE-UP: (back, l-r) Lord Rees of Ludlow, Lord Eames, Sir David Attenborough, Lord Rothschild, Sir Roger Penrose, Sir James Black, Sir Anthony Caro, Sir Tom Stoppard, Lord May of Oxford, Baroness Boothroyd, Sir Michael Howard, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, Lord Fellowes.
Jagger bought the rights to the best-selling Robert Harris novel and commissioned a screenplay by Sir Tom Stoppard.
This is the human truth about us" Playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, a critic of Charlie Hebdo "I recently entered enemy territory .
BIRTHDAYS: Sir Tom Stoppard, playwright, 75; Susan Penhaligon, actress, 63; Sian Lloyd (pictured), weather presenter, 54; Vince Clarke, pop musician, 52; Tom Cruise, actor, 50.
ONE ex-newspaperman who refused to be blinded by the bright lights of Hollywood, I was reminded at the awards ceremony, was the playwright Sir Tom Stoppard (ex-Western Daily Press) who initially rejected Steven Spielberg's plea that he adapt Empire of the Sun for the big screen.