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British writer of novels who was born in India

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This year's prize will be shared with an International Writer of Courage, who has been intimidated for speaking out about their beliefs, selected by Sir Salman Rushdie in association with English Pen's Writers at Risk committee.
A letter signed by authors including Stephen Fry, Sir Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan and Tom Stoppard, said: "The Defamation Bill is not a suitable vehicle for the wider proposals of press regula-a tion - as Lord Justice Leveson himself noted, libel did not form part of his terms of reference.
The school was founded in 1567 and includes Sir Salman Rushdie, poet Rupert Brooke and prime minister Neville Chamberlain as former pupils.
This was the book, after all, that had everyone who matters, from Oprah Winfrey to Sir Salman Rushdie, in raptures.
Sir Salman Rushdie stumbled during an appearance in Canada last Thursday when he confused Canada with the United States.
Mercifully, it didn't, in that Sir Salman Rushdie, as he is now known, survived the ordeal.
Among these is the legendary Sir Salman Rushdie, author of numerous award-winning novels including: Midnight's Children, Satanic Verses and most recently The Enchantress of Florence.
Lady Gabriella Windsor, Lord Freddie Windsor, Sir Salman Rushdie, Rosamund Pike, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jasmine Guinness, Pippa Middleton, Giocanda Scott, Carol Vorderman, Hannah Sandling, Eddie Redmayne, Kathy Letts, Richard Madeley, Olivia Inge, Andrew Neil
DRPamela Connolly talks to Booker Prize winning author Sir Salman Rushdie, famed as much for his writing as for his four marriages and the Iranian fatwa which forced him into hiding for a decade.
Sir Salman Rushdie still ignites ridiculous threats against England and, one of probably a few catalysts including the new premiership of Gordon Brown, the recent attacks on the U.
The knighthood was bestowed on him Saturday in Queen Elizabeth's annual honors list and transforms the Indian-born British national to Sir Salman Rushdie.
Booker Prize-winning author Sir Salman Rushdie attended the event just to salute the legend.
It's allowed" Sir Salman Rushdie on a late fellow author "The producers of The Voice could have had a timeslot for the lifetime achievements of Piers Morgan, but that would only have wasted 30 seconds" Lord Sugar on his old foe and the BBC's popular reality show "Most of my friends are strong women.
London, Mar 14( ANI ): Indian- origin Sir Salman Rushdie will speak at a conference in New Delhi on March 15.