Sir Henry Bessemer

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British inventor and metallurgist who developed the Bessemer process (1813-1898)


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In 1884 Henry Fairchild leased a 150,000-acre tract of mineral land on Red Mountain and two years later founded, in cooperation with others, the industrial center of Bessemer, named for the Englishman Sir Henry Bessemer.
1851 - Sir Henry Bessemer, England, develops the steel-making process that bears his name.
At least Robert Mushet received a pension of [pounds]300 per annum (equivalent to [pounds]20,000 today) from the great steel maker Sir Henry Bessemer in recognition of him perfecting 'The Bessemer Process of Steel Making'.
Not only that, but the twenty yards of material needed for this phenomenon were supplemented by so many petticoats that women were seriously weighed down by it all until the steel magnate, Sir Henry Bessemer, came to the rescue in 1856 with his method of manufacturing sprung steel, from which a cage was made to replace the petticoats.