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an English astrophysicist and advocate of the steady state theory of cosmology

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The Big Bang Theory, which assumes that the observable universe was once as small as a dot, but then began expanding, was named by an opponent of the theory, Sir Fred Hoyle.
Subsequent incumbents include Roger Cotes, Sir George Biddel Airy, who was responsible for the first public observatory in Cambridge, James Challis, Sir George Darwin, son of the naturalist Charles Darwin, Sir Fred Hoyle and Sir Martin Rees.
Jacqueline's husband Dr Simon Mitton rounded off the day with a talk on the life and work of Sir Fred Hoyle, one of the 20th century's most colourful and controversial astronomers.
It is more than 30 years since Professor Wickramasinghe and the late Sir Fred Hoyle proposed the theory that life on Earth was brought by comets, pioneering a new scientific discipline - astrobiology.
The man who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey will speak at a conference to honour the late astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, who was an honorary research professor at Cardiff University.
He and the eminent astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle first put forward the so-called Panspermia Theory which suggests that life, or the building blocks of life, can be carried to planets by comets or drifting interstellar dust particles.
SCIENTISTS investigating the origin of life are trying to prove a theory British boffin Sir Fred Hoyle was ridiculed for 40 years ago - that we are all made of stardust.
HAVING coined the term "Big Bang", Sir Fred Hoyle, an honorary professor at Cardiff University, was perhaps one of the theory's biggest opponents.
The startling theory is the brainchild of astronomy professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, of the University of Wales, backed by his Cambridge University counterpart, Professor Sir Fred Hoyle.
Astronomy experts Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and Professor Sir Fred Hoyle say their claim is not as bizarre as it first seems.
Birthdays: Blues and rock guitarist Jeff Beck, 55; French film director Claude Chabrol, 69; rock musician Mick Fleetwood, 57; astronomer and science fiction writer Sir Fred Hoyle, 89; Dutch tennis player Betty Stove, 54.
At Cambridge, he began a long, productive and often controversial partnership with the late Sir Fred Hoyle, a renowned astronomer credited with the first use of the term 'Big Bang' (he intended it dismissively as he did not believe the theory), who would later win the Crafoord Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, an award similar to the Nobel Prize.
That's the theory of Sir Fred Hoyle and Professor Chandra Wickramsinghe, of Cardiff University, and his brother Professor Dayal Wickramsinghe, of an Australian university.
Birthdays: Blues and rock guitarist Jeff Beck, 54; French film director Claude Chabrol, 68; rock musician Mick Fleetwood, 56; astronomer and science fiction writer Sir Fred Hoyle, 88; Dutch tennis player Betty Stove, 53.
When Sir Fred Hoyle died in 2001, it brought to an end a remarkable partnership with fellow Cardiff University scientist Chandra Wickramasinghe.