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English architect who planned the city of New Delhi (1869-1944)

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Sir Edwin Lutyens remains famous for his monumental architecture--New Delhi and the Cenotaph - but during his lifetime he was also famous for his domestic architecture in which he used traditional English design to build homes marked by a pleasing domesticity for the wealthy of the twentieth century.
Visitors enjoy excursions to East Sussex attractions like Great Dixter, a magnificent 15th century house and garden restored and enlarged by Sir Edwin Lutyens.
Architect Geurst traces the formation of the graveyards for the fallen designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and his colleagues.
They were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens inspired by the beautiful gardens of Jammu and Kashmir, the garden around the Taj Mahal and Persian and Indian miniature paintings.
What must be the smallest building to be designed by architectural great Sir Edwin Lutyens is up for sale for around pounds 10,000.
In May, the restored forecourt and lobby areas - including the magnificent wrought iron gates designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens - were opened in time for the TV BAFTAs.
The house was designed in 1901 by Sir Edwin Lutyens, architect of New Delhi, the cenotaph in Whitehall and the British Embassy in Washington.
But it's only a twelfth of the size of a real building - it's the doll's house designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens for Queen Mary and given to the nation in 1923.
Following in the mode of Christopher Hussey's monumental life of Sir Edwin Lutyens, Great Britain's other leading classicist, Darley traces the architectural heritage and ambiance of Soane's birthplace, contributing significantly to a much more finely grained image than was possible even just a decade and a half ago with Dorothy Stroud's biography.
In the dignified halls designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, Her Majesty's Chancellor of the Exchequer was having his fortune told.
The dollhouse was the creation of famed architect Sir Edwin Lutyens who designed the house sparing no expense.
Forget Fifty Shades of Grey and its Red Room, The Berkeley has The Blue Bar, with panelling lacquered in Lutyen's Blue, a colour that comes from the 50 shades of blue found within the bar, which still has original lighting and panelling by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.
It has been upgraded from grade II listing to grade II star by Historic England as part of a review of all 44 war memorials designed by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, whose work also includes the Cenotaph in Whitehall.
One who did was Sir Edwin Lutyens (the Drum Inn at Cockington, Devon) who, in 1937, wrote that, 'The Public House represents what should be the hub of our wheel of Life, essential to our material need and second only to the Church that stands and represents our spiritual necessity.
One massive memorial at Thiepval, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, is dedicated to the missing of the Somme.