Sir Alexander Mackenzie

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Canadian explorer (born in England) who explored the Mackenzie River and who was first to cross North America by land north of Mexico (1764-1820)


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She made up her own six-page picture story booklet about the Loyalists to give to the students, and discussed the Loyalist migration into Quebec and Nova Scotia, the creation of New Brunswick and Ontario, the North West Company, western exploration (with the Indian guides and French Canadian coureurs des bois), and gave examples of some of the many accomplishments of Sir Alexander MacKenzie and Simon Fraser.
Elders like Elias, working with teachers like Sandra Ipana, a kindergarten teacher at Inuvik's Sir Alexander MacKenzie School, and Priscilla Haogak, a teacher at Inualthuyak School, have put in long hours to revamp a regional language program that needed reworking.
Finally, there is another look at the Britannia theme first taken up with the work by Sir Alexander Mackenzie played in the Town Hall last October.
Sir Alexander Mackenzie (1764-1820), the first European to cross the full width of North America, described pemmican as the food used by North American Indians on their travels.
Radio was something of a solace," said Carpenter, who at the age of six was sent to the Sir Alexander Mackenzie Residential School in Inuvik and stayed at the nearby Anglican-run hostel, Stringer Hall.