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Goatfishes are unique in having a pair of sensory barbels on the chin that are used to probe into sedimentary substrata to detect fossorial prey, mainly a variety of crustaceans, polychaetes, sipunculids, small bivalves, and occasional small fishes or small octopuses.
In the autumn, both adults and juveniles relied more on crustaceans, with also a marked increase in the presence of sipunculid worms.
Besides the prey groups mentioned for kelp bass, the diet of barred sand bass were sipunculids, cumaceans, and echinoderms.
Phylum 3 Sipuncula (Sipunculans, Sipunculids, Peanut Worms)
Animals were separated into their major groups: annelids, crustaceans, mollusks, nemerteans, ophiuroids, sipunculids, and others and put on aluminum pans.
Echiuran worms and sipunculids were identified by the presence of chetae in the digestive tract (Fisher 1946, Brusca 1980, Brusca & Brusca 2005).
some polychaetes, sipunculids, vestimentiferans, echiurans, entoprocts, and molluscs).
Examples in which such cell groups are lacking are found within the larvae of sipunculids (Wanninger et al.
Grazing gastropods and deposit-feeding sipunculids were used to establish that bacterial chemoautotrophic production at GC185 ranged in [[delta].