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Pseudoscorpions, a natural control of Siphonaptera in Neotoma nests.
Fleas, Siphonaptera, can be divided in three large groups: the sedentary fleas that live in the nest of their hosts, the mobile fleas that still require a nest but can also live on the host, and the stick-tight fleas that attach themselves on the host.
Arthropods collected at 5 sites in the preserve, included these 9 insect orders (with number of families on parentheses): Coleopt era (15), Diptera (12), Hymenoptera (10), Hemiptera (9), Lepidoptera (9), Homoptera (4), Siphonaptera (2), Phasmida (1), and Mecoptera (1).
What is relevant to this somber essay has been described by Noah Webster as "any of various small, wingless, bloodsucking insects of the order of Siphonaptera that have legs adapted for jumping and are parasitic on warm-blooded animals.
A revision of American Siphonaptera, or fleas, together with a complete list and bibliography of the group.