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Originally, there were seven nations of people who all spoke mutually understandable dialects of the Siouan language.
She was known as Zintkala Nuni, which means "Lost Bird" in the Siouan language.
12) when indeed all divisions spoke dialects of the Siouan language.
What must Winnebago historian David Smith and his tribespeople think about being conjugated out of the Siouan language family?
Papers discuss unidirectionality of grammaticalization in an evolutionary perspective, grammaticalization of Korean numeral classifiers, the grammaticalization of the German preposition von as a genitive equivalent, the grammaticalization of agreement in Chibchan, a grammaticalization perspective on decay and loss of applicatives in Siouan languages, the semantic diversity of generalized action verbs, predicting future change of relative clauses of Japanese, the catalytic function of constructional restrictions in grammaticalization, grammaticalization of periphrastic constructions, grammaticalization of honorific constructions in Japanese, and other topics.
She collaborates regularly with other linguists working in the Siouan languages, especially with the Dhegiha languages, of which Osage is a member.
They therefore number in the thousands and include languages such as Persian, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Algonkian and other North American Indian languages, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Omaha-Ponca and other Siouan languages (Dakotan dialects, Crow, etc.