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the study of Chinese history and language and culture

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Du Ponceau's correspondences with Endlicher covered more than just Sinology.
Thereafter, in the world of Sinology, the idea that this was the founding moment of a scientific knowledge about the history of written and spoken Chinese was consolidated: "The scientific study of Chinese dialects [and its diachrony] began with the work of Bernhard Karlgren and Y.
It is an admirable application of gis (China Historical System) and social network analysis to sinology.
On this account, the New Confucianism in Twenty-First Century China: the Construction of a Discourse is an important contribution to Sinology generally and Confucian studies specially, and a good resource for graduate students and researchers alike.
Bichurin, A Pioneer of Russian Sinology," in Acta Orientaiia, 66 (2), 2013, 163-178; and "Silla Policy in the War Between Bohai and Tang Empire in 732-735," in Bylye Gody, 4, 2014, 498-503.
The Sinology Department in Ankara University's Faculty of Linguistics was the first department to offer education in Chinese in Turkey.
Toward a theory of chi: Dialogue between Western Sinology and Chinese study.
To address this aim, three PIs have formed an interdisciplinary team spanning linguistics, history, religious studies, geography, archaeology, Indology, Sinology and GIS/IT technologies.
In her book, Orientalism in the Age of Empire, Marchand has outlined in great detail the development of Orientalism as an academic field that was initially dedicated solely to the study of Oriental languages and only later branched out into fields such as archaeology, Sinology, and Egyptology.
In this article, I address the problem of mediation in the reading of China by arguing that Borges puts Sinology on the edge.
33-108; David MUNGELLO, Curious Land: Jesuit Accomodation and the Origins of Sinology, Stuttgart, 1985; David MUNGELLO, The Chinese Rites Controversy.
The first China hands: the forgotten Iberian origins of Sinology.
Since Chinese poetry started being translated into English, poets and sinologists have presented poetry and sinology as if they were locked in eternal conflict.
If such a multi-layered, synchronic analysis is not performed convincingly, then distorted forms of conjectural and surrogate knowledge from preconceived notions of Sinology may come to dominate American strategy.
Section 2, "Discovering the Far East," opens with Liam Brockey's essay on the Iberian origins of Sinology.