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the study of Chinese history and language and culture

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DuPonceau has based much of his research in the study of the French Sinologue Abel Remusat and his much praised main book Elements de la grammaire chinoise of 1822, who is recognized as having founded "the modem academic Sinology" (PORTER, 2001, p.
Being interested in the sounds of Chinese speech and its representation in writing, by the end of the nineteenth century some authors wrote what later the famous Swedish sinologue Bernhard Karlgren (1889-1978) would call "somewhat amateur attempts on the phonetic history" of Chinese, speculating on the possibilities of representation of diachronic Chinese speech in its writing, in this way trying decipher the famous clavis sinica with the support of Chinese speech.
Through this collection, one can obtain some insights into the scholarly habits of one of the most formidable Sinologues of the twentieth century.
Dans La Chine au carrefour des traditions juridiques, un ouvrage edifiant s'adressant aussi bien aux sinologues qu'aux juristes interesses par les transferts de droit, Helene Piquet examine si la these de l'instmmentalisation pure et simple des droits etrangers correspond a la realite des transferts de droit en Chine depuis 1978.
Dans la deuxieme section sont regroupees les sources en langue occidentales, ou le lecteur reconnaitra certains sinologues juristes connus.
See also Kristofer Schipper, Le Corps taoiste, Paris, Fayard, 1982; in this book the author, who is a brilliant sinologue, states that only the practice of Tai Chi Chuan is capable of giving a living experience of Tao.
Like many of his predecessors, Richard Wilhelm was a Protestant missionary and a sinologue.
Similarly, there is no perfect balance between a missionary and a sinologue.
As a result of his publication work, Morrison became known worldwide as a noted sinologue and was granted an honorary doctorate by the University of Glasgow in 1817.
Ce roman invite le lecteur a plonger dans l'univers d'un savant sinologue passionne de livres et un grand amoureux de la lecture.
Le sinologue Michael Rudolph affirmait que les croyances patriarcales des Atayal au sujet de la possession des femmes par les hommes, combinees a un declin de la force de Gaya, ont contribue a l'augmentation de la prostitution indigene (Rudolph 1993).
51, one of the manuscripts collected by the noted sinologue, Alexander Wylie (1815-87).
Mote, "Hellmut Wilhelm: A Biographical Note," Monumenta Serica 29 (1970-71): iii-vi; Michael Gasster, "Hellmut Wilhelm, Sinologue," Chin-tai Chung-kuo shih yen-chiu t'ung-hsun (Newsletter for Modern Chinese History) 8 (1989): 27-51.
On tente ici de montrer comment ce que le sinologue Marcel Granet a appele preeminence alternee de la gauche et de la droite permet de comprendre, et ce aux antipodes de l'approche de Needham, le phenomene dit d'inversion dans les classifications symboliques.
A few undamaged books and manuscripts were salvaged more or less at random by sinologues.