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a student of Chinese history and language and culture

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Having served from 2003-2005 as Deputy Assistant for National Security Affairs and Director of Policy Planning in the Office of the Vice President, Friedberg disclaims membership in the Sinologist "fraternity" and sets out to speak candidly about the central struggle of our time.
In a world that is characterised by what sinologist Brantley Womack terms "multinodal", (17) India is emerging as an important "node", and one does not see any signs of Chinese foreign policymakers paying due attention to India.
Writing mainly for the latter, his first task is to introduce classical Neo-Confucianism, which he does as a highly trained Sinologist as well as a philosopher.
William Muirhead, translator and sinologist, is best known in China for his translation of Thomas Milner's The History of England into Chinese in eight volumes in 1856.
Only two of these scholars can be considered vaguely connected with the "humanities"--the Sinologist Mortimer Graves and historian Carter Goodrich.
Allocation of staff at the facility includes a MS, MMO,WMO, Nurses, X-Ray technician, lab assistant, etc EDO (H) of Tando Mohammad Khan has also assurance that Sinologist and Computer Technician will be appointed soon.
He suggested that 'memories are affected by the social organisation of transmission and the different media employed' (15) and derived his cue from sinologist Stephen Owen: 'As we read the writings of memory, it is easy to forget that we do not read memory itself but its transformation through writing'.
Professor Alka Acharya, a Sinologist, said China's increased closeness with Pakistan in recent years has definitely irked India.
In a public lecture in 2008, sinologist and historian of Chinese medicine Paul Unschuld shared a cross-cultural shift he observes in the TCM theoretical paradigm in the United States: Historically a mainly agrarian culture, Chinese traditionally analogizes human bodily functions with water irrigations and rivers; on the other hand, non-Chinese American TCM practitioners and patients, first introduced to TCM during an era of energy crisis, understand human mechanisms through the analogy of energy, where human body is seen as something like a battery.
of TCM, China) and Wilms (PhD, US sinologist, translator) situate fertility treatment in sociocultural and ethical contexts.
Noted Sinologist Srikanth Kondapalli said: " These assertions reflect the narrowing down of differences between the People's Liberation Army and the political establishment.
The reader's assessment of the narrator's (un-)reliability is not based on ontological privileges, but rather on the stylistic profile and rhetorical performance of the particular dictions and idiolects involved: because "the greatest sinologist in the world" uses a more elaborated code than the other characters (especially the female ones) and because the narrator follows suit, the reader tends to get oblivious to the subsequent infiltration of Kien's worldview into the narratorial discourse, despite blatant exaggerations and inconsistencies.
Santoro--painter, sinologist, set designer, inventor--is well known in Argentina for his playful renditions of Peronist iconography.
Ucerler, a specialist in the Jesuit Japonic studies; the adaptation efforts of the Jesuits in China are examined by the Jesuit Sinologist from the Catholic University of Leuven, Nicolas Standaert; and Jesuits in New France are explored by Jacques Monet, the Jesuit Director of the Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies in Toronto.
He initially gained attention as a Sinologist, his 1984 book The Bad Earth: Environmental Degradation in China easily counting as pathbreaking if not prescient.